About Us

Missouri Turf Paint specializes in the supply of turf marking products and professional athletic supplies. This includes field marking equipment, stencils and other professional athletic supplies. MTP is both a manufacturer and seller of goods and services to end users. Company roots date back to 1947. Customer base ranges from professional sports (suppliers to 33 Super Bowls) to all levels of recreational sports.

Our golf products focus around the Markers golf product line with additional course enhancement and maintenance items provided from our own product line.

Missouri Turf Paint has always been and continues to be a customer service related company. Whether you talk to Jon or Larry, Bob or Chris, you can depend on the best in customer service. Thanks for visiting our site. Please call our toll free number with any questions.

Athletic Field Marking Paint and Accessories including Custom Field Stencils from Missouri Turf Paint in Kansas City Missouri So much goes into effectively managing a great athletic surface. That's why every Missouri Turf Paint product is engineered from the ground up to ensure that only the right ingredients are included. The individual components and qualities of every paint, striper, groomer, stencil and antimicrobial agent play into your results. Whether your task is to mark a field for a year or just one event, count on MTP to provide the right components that make it one of your best looking and least difficult jobs yet.

View our entire selection of discount athletic field marking paint! We carry an assortment of colors that give you bright and lasting color for marking at your field. Missouri Turf Paint marking paint is ideal because it can be applied to cold, hot, dry and wet surfaces. We have inverted marking paint accessories including marking wands and striping machines. Missouri Turf Paint marking paint has bold colors that are perfect for marking any field surface. We carry water-based and solvent-based marking paint, so pick what you need! Ordering inverted marking paint is easy. Simply add items to your online shopping cart or call 1-800-426-0774.