MarkSmart Lining Systems

MarkSmart Lining Systems

MarkSmart Field Lining Kits...

for any game or practice field requiring lines.


It's the Only Field Lining System available that includes the Multi-Purpose Ground Socket that:

Is easily installed and permanently locates critical line intersections. Accepts a Lining peg which, with string attached, provides plumb line for lining fields.

Holds or anchors Game-Day Field Markers on the windiest of days. A simple system that has saved hundreds of hours of field set-up time at thousands of schools, parks and recreation departments.

Football Field Marking Set - Includes: 50 sockets w/plugs 8 field lining pegs.

Soccer Field Marking Set - Includes: 25 sockets w/plugs 8 field lining pegs.

Basic Set - Includes: 6 ground sockets with plugs, 4 lining pegs and installation accessory kit.

Practice Field / Band Field Marking Set - Includes: 30 sockets w/plugs 8 field lining pegs.

Intramural Field Marking Set - Includes: 14 sockets with plugs, installation accessory kit.